ICOE focuses on providing comprehensive, low-power "Spatial and Horary Perception" solutions for intelligent devices based on core technologies such as GNSS, UWB, WiFi and Bluetooth, etc.
Product Center
Core Technologies
Ultra-high sensitivity
The technology significantly improves the efficiency and performance of the product base on creative capture algorithms, tracking algorithms, and unique GEO decoding.
Differential multi-source
The technology fuses various signal sources to realize on-chip and expands centimeter-level positioning application scenarios.
Indoor-outdoor ubiquitous
The technology uses GNSS, IMU, Bluetooth, WiFi, UWB, and other integrated technologies to achieve seamless indoor-outdoor positioning.
Intelligent scene recognition
The technology has strong anti-interference ability. It achieves excellent multipath suppression capability and effectively improves the positioning effect of products in high-rise buildings, tree-shaded areas, and urban canyons. It also rapidly switches
The technology extends the product's battery life and empowers the IOT applications more popular.
Application Scenarios
Smart Logistics
Asset tracking/Cargo management
Smart Mobility
Bikes/Electric scooter/Smart two-wheeler
Smart Living
Wearable devices/Smartphones/Tablets
Smart Home
Lawn mowers/Home furnishings
Smart Security
IPC/Safety Helmet/Handheld devices