About ICOE
Development History
Core Technologies
ICOE(Shanghai)Technologies Co., Ltd is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops, and markets baseband/RF systems-on-chip products.

After years of development, ICOE has an advanced test laboratory and R&D platform and gathers talents in digital/analog circuits, RF systems, algorithm software, signal processing, and other high-tech fields. R&D talents account for about 80% of the company's employees.

ICOE core competency is the abilities of highly integrated, high-performance positioning and timing SOC chips. Based on GNSS, UWB, Blue-Tooth, and other short-range technologies, ICOE provides ultra-low power solutions. The diversified products can apply to wearable devices, bikes, handheld devices, trackers, drones, and more.

ICOE continuously invests in innovation. The company has obtained dozens of invention patents, IC layouts, and software copyrights. The company also has successfully achieved some certifications like the national high-tech enterprise, small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise, Shanghai specialized and innovative enterprise, Shanghai IC Design Enterprise, and other credentials.
ICOE has been seeking to provide high levels of product integration, rapid time-to-market, and flexible design, as well as the local sales service and engineer support valued by this customer base to enhance our customers' experience satisfaction.
Open mind
Development History
The company formerly was one of the R&D centers in BDStar Group.
ICOE spun off from BDStar and began to operate independently, focusing on IOT consumer application field.
An untr-low-power dual-frequency GNSS chip CC02 was taped out and its performance has reached the international first-class level.
ICOE obtained an exceptional support from China's Ministry of Science and Technology in the field of Earth Observation and Navigation .
A small-size single-frequency GNSS chip CC11 was taped out, and an integrated solution CM52 for indoor and outdoor positioning was released.
Core Technologies
Ultra-high sensitivity
The technology significantly improves the efficiency and performance of the product base on creative capture algorithms, tracking algorithms, and unique GEO decoding.
Differential multi-source
The technology fuses various signal sources to realize on-chip and expands centimeter-level positioning application scenarios.
Indoor-outdoor ubiquitous
The technology uses GNSS, IMU, Bluetooth, WiFi, UWB, and other integrated technologies to achieve seamless indoor-outdoor positioning.
Intelligent scene recognition
The technology has strong anti-interference ability. It achieves excellent multipath suppression capability and effectively improves the positioning effect of products in high-rise buildings, tree-shaded areas, and urban canyons. It also rapidly switches
The technology extends the product's battery life and empowers the IOT applications more popular.