Single-frequency multi-system GNSS SoC
With the advanced process and high integration design,ICOE UC6228CI features low power consumption and ultimate miniaturization, which supports GPS, GLONASS*, BDS, Galileo* multi-system positioning.
UC6228CI is suitable for global applications and adopts WLCSP package. The chip has provided built-in PMU and LNA, etc. With the simple peripheral devices, it can achieve a complete GNSS receiver function, which can significantly reduce the PCB area and save hardware costs for users. UC6228CI is widely used in wearable devices, trackers, smartphones, tablets, and other application fields.
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Technical advantages
Ultra-miniaturization, multi-system, integration
Ultra-miniaturized, single-frequency multi-system and RF-baseband integrated GNSS SoC.
Multi-system joint positioning
Supports BDS, GPS, Galileo*, GLONASS*, QZSS, and SBAS* multi-system joint positioning.
Two startup modes
Supports booting with built-in ROM or AP loaded firmware.
Low power design and high integration
The power consumption of multi-system joint positioning is about 22mW, with the high integration design and simple peripheral devices.
Support active antenna detection
Supports antenna short circuit, open circuit, and insertion reporting.
Industrial grade 1.73x2.87x0.54(mm) WLCSP package, 5000pcs/reel
Product Specifications
Technical performance
Supports joint positioning of GPS, BDS, GLONASS*, Galileo*, QZSS, and SBAS*. BDS and GLONASS are mutually exclusive.
Positioning accuracy
Horizontal positioning accuracy<2.0m(CEP50)
Vertical positioning accuracy<3.0m(CEP50)
Velocity accuracy:0.1m/s
Cold start:28s
Hot start:1s
Cold start(dBm):-147
Hot start(dBm):-155 ;147(without backup battery)
Tracking (dBm):-160
Update Rate
Data format
NMEA-0183, ICOE protocol
Main power supply
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Reliability and certification
Complies with JEDEC, RoHS and REACH standards
Industrial grade 1.73x2.87x0.54(mm) WLCSP package, 5000pcs/reel
Operational limites
Dynamic range≤4 g
Altitude≤18,000 m
Velocity≤500 m/s
Scenario: linear and uniform motion at 33m/s with a simulator.
Tested with a simulator, satellite signal strength reaching -130dBm.
C/N0 needs to achieve 41 dB when the signal strength is -130 dBm.
Externally matching LNA to ensure superior performance
Assisted data injection in time.
Assisted time data should be input by the AIDTIME command.
Indicates that the function is in developing.
(The detailed parameters of the product shall be subject to the latest version of the product datasheet)
Application Scenarios
Wearable devices